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How Termite Control Treatment is Performed

Termite Control Step 1 : Drilling Holes

Identifying the correct spots for drilling so that any gas, water or electrical pipes are not damaged during the Termite Control Treatment of your house or building, wherever you are facing the termite infestation.

The holes are dug deep enough so that the best termite control chemical can reach Termite/Deemak colony in the soil. The objective for our termite control service is to create a chemical barrier where soil meets cement.

It is important to have well trained applicators who can drill holes in the floor without breaking the expensive marble or tiles.

Termite Control Step 2 - Using the Best Termite Control Chemical

Injecting the latest termite proofing chemical which has Fipronil in it, into these holes to eliminate underground colonies and create a barrier which termites or deemak cannot cross.

Using the best chemical for Termite Control is extremely important, even if the price of termite control solution is higher than other solutions in Pakistan.

The chemical we use is safe for residential use as well and has lower toxicity which helps in protecting the environment in cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad where Termite infestation is damaging homes.

Termite Control Step 3 - Injecting Chemical & Closing the Holes

Inserting termite control chemical in these holes through a High Pressure machines which have been imported to provide Termite Control in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.These holes are then closed with cement which matches color of the floor.

Finally, we fumigate the entire home to get rid of Mud Tubes on the walls. Termite mud tubes are the most common indication of a termite infestation in your home.

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Why Should you get our Termite Control Service?

  • Our 10 year warranty gives you peace of mind for a long time, ensuring that Termite does not damage your precious doors, cupboards and other wood based items at home.
  • We follow WHO guidelines in choosing chemicals and performing Termite Control treatments.
  • We use the latest and safest termite control chemical for Termite Control in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.
  • We are an SECP Registered Organization.
  • Our Termination Force consists of experienced professionals having decades of experience in the field with more than 5000 Termite Control services done in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

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Don't know what Deemak or Termites look like?

Let us describe them to you!



Appearance of Termites found in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad

Deemak or Termite have sizes between ½ and 3/8-inch long, with four long wings and a brown, black, or yellow body. Termites are often confused for ants because they look quite similar. They have a long body, narrow and oval in shape.

Drywood and Subterranean termites are the most common specie seen in homes of cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad in Pakistan. These species are fond of wood, paper, clothes and other things which contain cellulose. With increasing congestion in urban cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad; the termite infestation has also increased.

Along with this problem people use a lot more wood for constructing houses which means protection against Deemak or Termite has become more significant.

This is why Termite Control treatment is very crucial to protect from significant losses to the structure of homes and buildings.



Where do they like to live?

Termites Colonies which leads to Termite infesations

Termites need contact with the soil to survive. They live in underground termite colonies or in wet areas above the ground. They build tunnels to reach food and every spring groups of reproductive termites fly off to start new colonies. Termites live in huge underground colonies, and build mud nests inside the walls of buildings.

This is why we dig holes in the floor of your house during post construction Termite Control Treatment and why we insist that anti termite treatment chemical has to be used in the foundation of new houses or buildings being constructed. Even the best termite chemical would not work if it does not reach the Termite colony and destroy it.

The ideal way to stay protected from Termite infesation is to Termite proofing your home or building during construction. Termite control or proofing is done at three stages during construction; Foundation stage, DPC stage and Flooring stage.

Signs of Termite Infestation - Mud Tubes

Sign of termites is the presence of mud tubes. These tan tunnels provide the pests with cover as they travel between the soil and wood. Termites build their shelter tubes on concrete walls, wood supports, and areas around doors or windows.The tubes are flattened and muddy looking in appearance. Most are about the width of a pencil.

Most of the people in Pakistan detect Termite presence when they see these Mud Tubes because it can take a while before you can notice damaged wood. A lot of constructed homes are full of these mud tubes which mean Termites are slowly eating away at the House or building. This is why an immediate Termite Control service is needed for your home if you can spot even a single Mud Tube.

Signs of Deemak or Termite Infestation - Damaged Wood

A common indication of termite infestation is the presence of dark areas or blisters in wood flooring. However, termite damage can go unnoticed because the termites only eat the spring wood leaving the grain and exterior surface intact.

It hurts a lot when you see expensive wood being damaged by these tiny pests, especially when there is excellent Termite Control treatment available in all major cities of Pakistan with a warranty as well.

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Termite Control Treatment Related FAQ's

Is the treatment harmful for kids?

In case of termites NO. Because the spray that is applied on the wooden equipment is odourless. It doesn’t effect kids or adults. But we still recommend that when the fumigation is under process the house residents should stay away.

Do you provide any warranty for Termite Control service?

Yes, We offer a 10 year warranty for our Termite Control Treatment Service and have completed thousands of services with less than 2% people claiming warranty. With our Termite Control Service, you can protect your House or Building in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, for a decade.

How is the Termite Control Treatment performed?

Termite control treatment is performed using a combination of drilling, injecting chemical into the floor & fumigation (spray). Drilling is done to dig deep down into termite colonies & eliminate these colonies using our anti termite chemical. This chemical not only eliminates these colonies, it also seals the underground gaps from which termites enter into your premises.

The best Termite Control Services in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad will recommend a combination of treating the soil as well as cabinets, doors and other wooden items infested by Deemak.

You can visit this page for step by step guide to termite control performed by us.


Is drilling MANDATORY for termite control treatment?

Drilling is the most effective & quick method to get rid of termites. The drill is used to get access to underground termite colonies. The chemical injected after drilling eliminates these colonies & seals the gaps from which termites enter into your property.

Some people use Bait Stations as well, but they are not much effective & are time taking as well. The mission is to get rid of termites & drilling helps in achieving this aim.

If you live in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad and want to remove termites from your home or building, get a Termite Control service that involves drilling in the ground floor and injecting anti termite chemical.